Wednesday, November 14, 2012

FastJet puts Kilimanjaro and Mwanza routes on sale!!!!!!!!

FastJet has started selling tickets for its first domestic routes from the Tanzanian capital Dar es Salaam, with the inaugural flight scheduled to take place on 29 November.
Kilimanjaro and Mwanza are the first two routes to go on sale via the airline's sale desk, call centres and office.
FastJet's website will launch next week, providing additional information about fares and scheduling. The company says its lowest ticket price will be 32,000 Tanzanian shilling ($20), excluding taxes.
Additional domestic and regional services from Julius Nyerere International airport will go on sale over the coming weeks.
FastJet's second east African operating base in Nairobi, Kenya will open in the near future, to be followed by Accra, Ghana and Luanda, Angola in west Africa. The airline is also exploring its options in southern Africa.
"This is a historical moment for aviation in Tanzania, and indeed in Africa," says FastJet chief executive Ed Winter.
"Air travel is no longer an exclusive option for a small minority in Tanzania. FastJet will make flying an affordable option for more Tanzanians than ever before, bringing new opportunities for trade, leisure trips, and family visits."
The low-cost carrier secured four air operator's certificates from Nairobi-based turboprop airline Fly540 in June, following its reverse takeover of the latter's parent company, Lonrho Aviation.
Fly540 has already ceased operations in Dar es Salaam ahead of FastJet's launch, and will gradually wind down services at its other three African bases.
FastJet will begin operations with three Airbus A319s, but expects to grow its fleet to 15 within 12 months and potentially 40 by the end of 2016.

source: flightglobal site


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