Sunday, December 2, 2012

ATR -600 series aircraft certified to operate in Russia and the CIS countries

 ATR has obtained Russia’s Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) approval for the ATR 42-600 and ATR 72-600 to operate in Russia and the Community of Independent States (CIS). IAC’s certification validates all the major developments of the ATR -600 series, namely the new avionics suite with the full-glass cockpit.

 The 70-seat ATR 72-600 and the 50-seat ATR 42-600 already received certification from European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) in May 2011 and June 2012 respectively. To validate the EASA certification of the ATR -600s for operations in Russia and the CIS countries, IAC deeply examined the new ATR -600’s glass cockpit technical characteristics and is fully satisfied with its performances and safety.
Carmine Orsi, Senior Vice-President Engineering of ATR, declared: “This is a significant milestone for our company and our Russian customers, and we are pleased that we have fully complied with the high standards of IAC’s requirements. We are convinced that this certification will open up new commercial and operational perspectives for ATR -600 series aircraft in Russia and CIS markets”.
ATR is the leader among western-built turboprops in Russia and CIS with more than 50 ATR aircraft operated by customers like UTAir, UTAir-Ukraine, Nordstar Airlines (Taimyr) and Azerbaijan Airlines.
source;atr press release site

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