Sunday, September 9, 2012

BA pilots’ punch-up in Rio bar booze-up 


TWO British Airways pilots have been reprimanded for brawling at a Rio bar on boozy stopovers between flights.

A third pilot scrappped with a steward during a separate drink-fuelled overnight stay.
In the first incident, the captain and first officer had been niggling each other after a turbulent landing at the Brazilian city.
Then punches were thrown as the crew unwound at the hotel bar. One of the pilots was immediately suspended by BA bosses.
The second incident last month involved a first officer drinking at a hotel bar in Hong Kong.
The pilot, who earns up to £100,000 a year, is believed to have thought a steward called a female flight attendant “a prostitute”.
He chased him and then punched him in front of colleagues. The woman later told the pilot she had been joking with her cabin crew pal.
A BA source told The Sun: “Staff are encouraged to enjoy themselves and relax in rest times but pilots attacking each other and other stewards is a big no-no.”
A BA spokesman last night confirmed both the pilot in Rio and the one in Hong Kong had been suspended.

source:The Sun

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